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Pst...First Blog Post

This is my first blog post. I admit I don't really know what to say or what's about to come out of me, but I'm just writing because well I want to. And someone mentioned that blogs are a good way to connect with your audience and all that stuff. So, if anyone is listening, I want to tell you that I love you. "How can you love me if you don't even know me?" one might ask. Well, I'm glad you did because that strikes deep to the heart of my philosophy and the philosophy of us here in B*Love. The reason I can confidently say that I love you, yes, even if we've never met, is because of the simple, and complex truth of oneness. See, some may say that oneness is just some woo-woo new age bullshit, but to me it's a simple thought experiment. Now imagine the vastness of the universe....well, our minds can't comprehend that really but just try for a few seconds....

Next try to imagine how small your atoms are. You are made of trillions of them. Can you imagine a trillion? Let alone several...remember how our country is $23 trillion in debt?! crazy. Anyway, back to the topic. So atoms aren't even the smallest things we've found. Ever hear of the Higgs-Bozon? I'm probably spelling it wrong, but the point is that we decided that if we smash two things together going really fast from really far apart, we could find another smaller thing, and name it anf all that fun stuff. However, it seems to me that this process could be done ad infinitum. aka, there is no smallest thing! The universe, (and you!) are both infintely small and infinitely large. There is no boundary. There is no biggest thing or smallest thing, it's just one thing. Which would have to mean that I am you! Maybe you just don't know it yet, but if inifinity is a thing, and I'm pretty sure it is, though I'm willing to be proven wrong, then there's no other possibility besides there simply being oneness. Infinity. If you think of mathematical sets, you can't have a set of infinity and then something outside of that, it just doesn't work. So we are everything. God is everything. We are one. We are darkness and light. We are love and hate. But I choose love over and over and over again, so to answer your so very poignant question, that is how I can know that I love you. I love myself. All my facets. Even the things that are challenging to love and to look at, but I'm standing here, loving you no matter what.


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