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B-Love: The Story

It all Started in Grand Rapids, MI. Moved through LA, CA to Boulder, CO.
Keith “Beattle” Price stood with a whole beat infused youth swirling in his head and his heart, he watched disconnected DJ’s in rooms of bored, slouched bodies, and the pulse in his soul cried to break out and animate where stillness had over-abounded...

Years of on stage education in the home of groove, the Michigan funk scene, the Motown sound, the mechanical beat of Detroit had prepared him, forever set a click track somewhere deep inside his being.

Experimenting in the LA music scene, dreaming, building and intending all while practicing gratitude, Beattle developed his ability to spin to the hearts and ears of the rooms he found himself in. In between playing blues shows and experimenting in jazz improvisation the dreams germinated and the energy was ripe for change and manifestation...

In 2013 Beattle brought his family and his dreams to Boulder, Colorado, and while it took a few years, something potent materialized in a few chance meetings, some mutual friends, and other mystical occurrences...

B-Love’s new core group of musicians come with diverse backgrounds and experiences, and is joined by a revolving cast of passionate friends... Each member is dedicated to being love on and off the stage.

B-Love brings the ecstatic experience of a funky dance party, turning any room into a storm of motion and expression and an interactive, intentional act focused on fostering a safe loving environment for people to join in the mutual act of being love!

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